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The Bad Touch


Lyrically, “The Bad Touch” is recommended “the most sexualized song of all time”. Even though they only have doggy style and the discovery channel joke. It still has sexual desire in the music video. The song also features a synthesized trumpet.

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My prediction: this will be Argentina’s smash movie of the summer.

My prediction: this will be Argentina’s smash movie of the summer.

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Brent Morin


Justin may not have Danny’s swagger, but he has the voice of an angel (or at least a member of a 90’s boy band).


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Marky Mark’s character in Transformers 4 is named Cade Yeager, which has to be the stupidest name ever. Here, I have renamed several other people Cade Yeager in his honor.

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this will never not be funny

and the trees, the trees are just the perfect height.

shit i keep reblogging things to the wrong blog

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The Pegasus - 7.12


I’ll start this off by saying: this is a good episode. Just a good, solid episode of television with fine performances by our regulars and guest star Terry O’Quinn (who most of you probably think of as Locke from Lost but I think of as Moira Kelly’s dad from The Cutting Edge). That said, THERE AIN’T NO CLOTHES IN THIS THING. So this’ll be a shortie.

However, this is the episode that opens with everyone’s favorite holiday, CAPTAIN PICARD DAY!

That looks NOTHING like me, NOTHING

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It’s… for the children

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"I’ll never let go… OR WILL I?"

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"I thought the old lady dropped it into the ocean in the end."

"Well, baby, that was a morally ambiguous mutant shapeshifter."

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"I volunteer as Tribute… OR DO I?"

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America’s sweetheart